S13 HVAC Blockoff

S13 HVAC Blockoff


EMPEROR HVAC Block off Plugs

  • CAD modeled using OEM bracket

  • 3D Printed using quality ABS Filament

Removed the HVAC on your drift car and don't want to weld the holes shut? Grab a set of EMPEROR HVAC plugs! Used to seal up evaporator and heater holes on your firewall. Held on with brackets from the inside of the firewall using M6 x 1.0 SS hardware.

Simply slip the 3D printed plugs into the holes in the firewall until bottomed out, then screw in the hardware through the bracket from the cabin side of the firewall. Snug and done! Enjoy a clean look to your firewall.

All 3D printed parts are made to order. Please allow 2-3 days for manufacturing.


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